Educational Services at Union Hospital promotes quality customer service throughout the hospital.

Quality Care Doesn't Happen By Accident

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Educational Services Department is to promote quality customer service hospital-wide by providing educational programs and services that assist our internal customers in acquiring, maintaining, and improving competence in the delivery of health care to those we serve. This is accomplished through three identified processes:

Union Hospital promotes quality staff development through hands-on training In-service and remediation program helps staff maintain and increase competency
  • Orientation
  • In-Service and Remediation
  • Continuing Education


The goal of the orientation program is to ensure that all new employees, volunteers, students, and contract staff are integrated into the operations, policies, procedures and practices of Union Hospital.

In-Service and Remediation

The goal of the in-service/remediation program is to ensure that staff maintain and increase competency in their respective positions following completion of their orientation, throughout their employment at the Hospital, and as needs are identified.

Continuing Education

The goal of the continuing education program is to enhance the competency, career growth, and development of staff to meet and exceed the level of performance required in their job assignment.

Our Philosophy

The Educational Services philosophy places emphasis on the key concepts of quality, caring and effectiveness.


We believe quality staff development promotes lifelong learning and is a responsibility shared by the employee, the departmental administration, and the education department. It reflects education based on measurable standards of practice and the principles of adult learning. Quality staff development is also innovative and contributes to advancing employee performance and directed at improving employee competence.


We believe caring staff development respects the dignity and diversity of individuals and is carried out in a compassionate manner. All employees are seen as being capable and their talents and contributions are acknowledged and recognized.


We believe effective staff development is valued, promotes professional standards and supports achievement of organizational goals through interdisciplinary activities. Effective staff development also requires specific goals and objectives aimed at the customer's needs that focus on outcomes. It must be provided in an environment conducive to learning and promote measurable competence, continually examine processes, respond to the dynamic needs of the changing healthcare environment, and be cost effective.

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