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Other In-Home Support Services Available from UH Home Health Care

HELP LINE Medical Alert Service

HELP LINE Medical Alert Service

HELP LINE is a small, lightweight button the patient wears at home. If help is needed, even if the patient cannot speak, HELP LINE will alert the proper person and help will be on the way. HELP LINE offers the subscriber greater independence and a better sense of security at home.

Home Medication Dispenser

Home Medication Dispenser

Take the guesswork out of taking daily medications. A Home Medication Dispenser can hold up to one week's medications, alerting the subscriber when the next dose is due. If the Dispenser is used in conjunction with HELP LINE, the HELP LINE monitor will call the subscriber's home to if a dose is skipped and summon help if needed.

TeleHealth Monitoring System

TeleHealth – Connects patients with their nurse

TeleHealth is a small monitor placed in the home of a patient being treated for congestive heart failure, heart bypass surgery, emphysema, high blood pressure and other illnesses. The TeleHealth system allows our staff to monitor the patient's condition daily without the need for frequent visits by the Home Care nurse. The TeleHealth system can help reduce hospital readmissions so the patient can remain at home where they are comfortable and feel secure.

If you are interested in TeleHealth, HELP LINE, or a Home Medication Dispenser, call Union Hospital Home Health Care at 330-343-6909.

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