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Do You Have a Sleep Disorder?

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Sleep disorders pose serious health risks. People with an untreated sleep disorder have a higher risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and depression. They are more prone to traffic accidents and workplace injuries. They tend to be overweight and less resistant to diseases. Quality sleep is essential to good health.

Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), the Union Hospital Sleep Medicine Center has helped more than 10,000 people overcome a sleep disorder like apnea, loud snoring, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and daytime sleepiness.

Sleep disorders are usually diagnosed after the patient spends the night for testing at the Sleep Center. While the patient sleeps, monitoring equipment tracks physical and brain activity. The sleep medicine physician uses that data to help diagnose if there is a sleep disorder and recommend treatment.

Dr. William Swoger is the Sleep Medicine Center's medical director. He and the other Center physicians are Board Certified in Sleep Disorder Medicine.

Dr. William Swoger is the center's medical director. He and the other center physicians are Board Certified in Sleep Disorder Medicine. The staff is registered in polysomnography by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and the Center is accredited by the A.B.S.M.

The Sleep Medicine Center is conveniently located right inside Union Hospital. Each patient has a private room with a comfortable full-size bed and flat screen TV. Our new state-of-the-art monitoring equipment captures multiple channels of data and is more comfortable for the patient spending the night in our sleep lab. And when it comes to helping people sleep better, the latest generation of CPAP (respiratory support) equipment is improved, enabling more people than ever before the ability to improve their sleep quality.

If you feel you may have a sleep disorder, talk with your doctor or contact the Union Hospital Sleep Medicine Center for more information. Call Allen Corbett, Director of Cardiopulmonary Services and the Sleep Lab, at 330-364-0856.

How to Schedule a Sleep Study

A doctor's referral is required for you to seek help and diagnosis at the UH Sleep Medicine Center. It is recommended that you ask your insurance company if sleep testing is covered. The sleep study test is considered an outpatient testing procedure.

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