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Pulse Volume Recordings (PVR) of Upper and Lower Extremities

This test is used to evaluate the circulation in the arteries in your arms or legs to determine if there may be a blockage.

Pulse Volume Recordings are used to evalute circulaton in the arms or legs to look for blockages

What does it involve?

Blood pressure cuffs are placed on each leg, or at various locations. The cuffs are inflated, one at a time, to record your blood pressure. These recordings enable your doctor to measure the circulation in your arms or legs. Based on the results of this test, more tests may be ordered to determine the exact location of any blocked arteries.

Recordings are mapped from the tests to measure circulation

Are there any special preparations?

No caffeine or smoking two hours prior to the test.

How will I learn the test results?

The technician will not discuss any findings or conclusions about the test with you. Your personal physician is responsible for providing you with this information.

Download Patient Instructions
Click here to download and print a copy of instructions and information. Add the date and time of your appointment and hang it on your refrigerator or bulletin board as a reminder of your test and pre-test instructions.

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