The Vascular Center at Union Hospital, Dover Ohio

Vascular Disease Diagnosis & Care

Vascular ultrasound

Union Hospital provides vascular disease diagnosis and treatment through our advanced imaging technology and a staff of the area's most highly skilled specialists. Diagnostic testing is conducted in our new, state-of-the-art, accredited, non-invasive vascular center, where we focus on minimally invasive approaches for stroke prevention, limb preservation, detection and treatment of aneurysms, and circulation improvement. Board-certified surgeons have the ability to remove blockages and restore circulation in veins and arteries in the Vascular Center.

Non-invasive vascular testing uses various technologies including ultrasound

Non-Invasive Testing for Vascular Disease

Diagnosis of vascular disease begins with a careful medical history, including risk factors and physical exam. After reviewing this information, the vascular physician decides if further testing is needed. Non-invasive testing utilizes various types of technology to evaluate flow, perfusion and pressures within the vessels at rest and with exercise. These procedures are generally painless (no needles are involved) and can help determine the presence, location and severity of vessel disease. From the results of these tests, the physician will determine the need for more invasive testing or procedures to treat vascular disease.

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