Union Hospital's Vascular Laboratory

Union Hospital's Vascular Laboratory Offers Low-Cost Health Screening Tests

Many people with vascular disease have suffered a devastating stroke or fatal aneurysm with no advance warning or noticeable symptoms. For that reason, vascular disease is often referred to as the "Silent Killer." Union Hospital’s Vascular Laboratory offers low-cost health screening tests that could uncover hidden risks from vascular disease.

Carotid artery screening detects possible risk of stroke

Carotid Artery Screening to Detect Potential Risk of Stroke

The carotid arteries supply blood to the brain. A blocked carotid artery is the leading cause of stroke. Ultrasound technology is a painless and non-invasive method to provide images of the carotid arteries on both sides of the neck and measure blood flow.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening helps detect potentail aortic rupture

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening to Detect Potential Aortic Rupture

When the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body, shows an abnormal ballooning or enlargement, there is the risk of a potentially fatal rupture. Our vascular sonographers use painless ultrasound to obtain and image of the aorta in the abdomen and detect enlargement of the vessel.

Peripheral arterial screening is used to detect arterial disease in the legs

Peripheral Arterial Screening to Detect Arterial Disease in the Legs

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), or hardening of the arteries, is a condition in which the large- and medium-sized arteries supplying blood to the legs become narrowed or clogged, slowing or stopping blood flow. This condition may cause leg pain, reduce mobility, and increase risk of amputation. Screening is a painless test using blood pressure cuffs on the arms and ankles. A small handheld Doppler device checks for the pulse in leg arteries. The doctor uses this information to determine risk for PAD.

Candidates for Screening

If you are over 50 and have one of these risk factors, you are a candidate for screening:

  • Cardiovascular disease or family history
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol or take meds for it
  • Are a smoker
  • Irregular heart beat
  • High blood pressure or take BP meds

Screening Cost

Cost is $35 per screening test. Package of Carotid Artery, AAA, and Peripheral Arterial Disease - $99.00

NOTE: Most insurance and Medicare will not cover vascular screening exams. UH will not bill insurance. You are asked to pay by check or credit card at the time of screening.

Make an Appointment

To schedule a screening date and time that is convenient for you, call our Central Scheduling line: 330-364-0888.

If you have questions about our vascular screening program, call for more information: 330-364-0856.

Physician Report

After the screening is completed, patients will receive the doctor's report and evaluation within 20 days. If findings are negative, the patient will be advised to consider screening again in five years. If findings show the potential for a serious medical condition to develop, the patient will be urged to consult with their doctor and review the screening report. If during the screening procedure the technologist discovers a potentially life threatening condition, the patient will be advised to seek immediate medical treatment.

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